Sommersemester 11

    Protein Biophysics
    Dr. Francesco Rao, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stock

    Di, 10-13 in HS II

    1. Vorlesung: 03.05.11

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    Introduction to living systems. The cell. The central dogma: DNA, RNA and proteins. Protein structure and function. Covalent and non-covalent forces. Water. Ionic interactions. The hydrogen bond. Hydrophobic effects. Protein secondary structure: alpha helices and beta sheets. Tertiary structure and folding. Determination of protein structure: X-ray cristallography and NMR.

    Protein dynamics. Timescale considerations. The free-energy: enthalpy and entropy. Probing dynamics with experiments: single-molecule and IR-spectroscopy. Molecular simulations. Force-fields. Fundamental rate processes: exponential processes. Kramer's theory. Order parameters, reaction coordinates and the projected free-energy. Multi-state kinetics. Transition networks and free-energy mapping.

    Protein function. Enzyme catalysis. Allosteric interactions. Cooperativity. Motor proteins. Membrane proteins. Ion channels and the action potential. Photosynthesis: quantum effects. Proteomics and systems biology.

    Suggested reading:
    Introduction to protein structure, C. Branden and J. Tooze
    Structure in protein chemistry, J. Kyte
    Molecular and cellular biophysics, M. B. Jackson
    Computer simulations of liquids, M. P. Allen and D. J. Tildesley

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